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Charcoal Master Copies with Catherine Bobkoski
📆 Wednesdays @ 5pm PT | Starting May 24th

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Join NMA instructor Catherine Bobkoski for a 7-week Live Class focused on creating in-depth charcoal master copies. You will learn how to create stunning, painterly effects using a variety of charcoal materials and tools like paintbrushes, blending stumps, and rags. Rather than relying on a linear approach, you will explore the concepts of shape and mass to develop your ability to observe and design values. Catherine will guide you through the process of manipulating edges to create a sense of volume and space while copying the works of great artists in genres such as still life, landscape, portrait, and figure. Each lesson builds on the previous one, so you'll be able to develop your skills and create beautiful master copies in no time. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist looking to enhance your skills, this class is perfect for you. Sign up now to begin your journey into the world of charcoal drawing!

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Meet Your Instructor

Catherine Bobkoski is a Los Angeles-based painter who works in a still life and figurative manner. She has studied both drawing and painting at The Watts Atelier in Encinitas. California and later at Grand Central Academy and New York University in New York City. She has also studied with many inspiring artists along the way, including Daniel Keys, Dustin Van Wechel, and Vadim Zang. She is a sought after painting instructor with over ten years of experience and teaches at many art schools throughout Southern California. Catherine has had work exhibited nationally, including at the Oil Painters of America 2021 National Juried Exhibition.