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Welcome to New Masters Academy's Interactive Courses! Our platform offers a structured, week-by-week approach to learning, ensuring you build your skills progressively. Each course is designed for sequential completion, providing a comprehensive learning experience. Submit your assignments through Discord or JotForm, where our NMA Feedback team is ready to offer personalized critiques and support.

For answers to common questions about course formats, participation, assignment submissions, or certification, please refer to our
FAQ section below and helpful video tutorials. It is strongly recommended that students review and understand the submission process before they get started. If you require further assistance or have specific queries, don't hesitate to reach out to us at We are dedicated to supporting your artistic journey!

Drawing Foundations Module

Part 1: Drawing Basics

Part 2: Cast Drawing and Observation

Drawing Foundations II - 2 weeks

Fundamentals of Observational Drawing - 8 weeks
-Choice Point 4B-

Part 3: Gesture and Sketching

NOTE: Live Class Certificates can not be used as substitutions for these courses and beyond.

Drawing Foundations III - 1 week

Stress-Free Sketching - 8 weeks

Introduction to the Figure - 4 weeks

-Choice Point 7A-

Constructive Figure Drawing I - 7 weeks
-Choice Point 7B-

Part 4: Figure

Drawing with FORCE - 9 Weeks
-Choice Point 8A-

Dynamic Gesture Drawing - 9 weeks
-Choice Point 8B-

Constructive Head Drawing I - 6 weeks

Part 5: Perspective and Composition

Drawing Foundations IV - 3 weeks

Introduction to Landscape Drawing - 6 Weeks

Perspective I - 12 weeks

Composition for the Visual Artist - 10 Weeks

-Choice Point 13A-

Part 6: Choosing your Path to Mastery

Drapery: The Russian Approach - 8 weeks

-Choice Point 15B-

Sight-Size Portrait Project - 3 weeks

-Choice Point 15C-

Introduction to Inking - 12 weeks
-Choice Point 15D-

Visual Development: Dynamic Sketching
- 12 weeks

-Choice Point 15E-

Walkthrough videos explaining the process

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an Interactive Course?
New Masters Academy's Interactive Courses combine self-paced video lessons with personalized feedback, offering flexible learning with expert guidance. Accessible through our website, these courses allow you to submit assignments via Discord or Jotform, and you'll receive tailored feedback from our staff.

Q. Course and Part Completion Requirements?
Our courses are organized into Modules, each divided into Parts containing several courses. To progress to the next Part, you must complete all courses within the current Part, ensuring thorough understanding and skill development in the Module.

Q. Can I take more than one course at a time?
Yes, you can take multiple courses concurrently within a given PART of a Module. This allows for a broader learning experience, as long as you complete all courses in the Part before advancing.

Q. Assignment Submission Process?
Weekly assignments should be submitted as a complete set in image format (.jpg, .png). Submit your assignments via Discord in the format 'YOUR NAME, WEEK #, SUBMISSION', or through our Jotform submission form. When submitting your assignment for Interactive Feedback, please submit your references used along with your assignment submission. You must wait for feedback on one week's submissions before proceeding to the next. Check out the Interactive Class Assignment Tracker.

Q. How will I receive feedback?
A. Feedback varies based on your submission method. Discord submissions receive direct responses in the channel, while Jotform submissions receive feedback via email. Feedback includes status updates and personalized guidance for your work.

Q. Why can’t I take Part 2 classes yet?
A. Access to Part 2 classes requires completing all courses in Part 1. This sequential approach ensures that students have a solid foundation before advancing. Track your course completion through our
Interactive Course Completion Tracker.

Q. Does New Masters Academy offer certificates?
A. Upon completion of each Interactive Course, you can request a certificate of completion. These certificates recognize your learning achievements and are issued after your final assignments are approved by our feedback team.

Q. How do I earn a certificate for a course?
A. To earn a certificate, complete all course assignments to our feedback team's satisfaction. Once your final assignment is marked as 'complete', request your certificate through the provided form:

Q. How do I earn progress with my completed Live Class certificates?
A. If you have received a Live Class Certificate of Completion for a course that is within Part 1 through Part 4 of the Drawing Foundations Module in the Interactive course track (for example, Fundamentals of Observational Drawing), you have the option to substitute this for an Interactive Certificate. From Part 5 onward, course assignments must be submitted through the interactive channels and marked complete by the NMA Feedback team to count as an interactive certificate. Please refer to the Drawing Foundations Module in the Course Guide for the full list of Part 1 through Part 4.

Q. Course Material Requirements

A. Please adhere closely to the materials list provided for each course. Use drawing materials for drawing courses, and note that digital work is accepted for all assignments.

Q. Course Completion and Retaking Policy

A. If you choose to retake a course after completion, be aware that you will receive lower priority in the feedback queue and are not covered by the 48 business hours feedback rule.

Q. How do I join the Discord channel?

A. To join our community and interact with other students and instructors, click here to join our Discord channel.