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From Ancient Greece to the Modern Figure: An Introduction to the History of Figurative Sculpture
with Jason Arkles

📆 Tuesdays @ 10am PT | Starting June 13th

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Join our interactive Live Class for an 8-week journey through the evolution of Western sculpture, from the ancient Greeks and Romans to the modern figure. Led by renowned sculptor and art historian Jason Arkles, this Live Class offers a unique perspective on art history, with a focus on sculpture. Each week, you'll attend a lecture and explore a different era in Western sculpture, learning about the key artists, movements, and techniques that defined each period. Along the way, you will deepen your understanding of the sculpture and its historical context. Whether you're an art enthusiast or simply curious about art history, this class is the perfect way to explore the rich history of Western sculpture. Join us and discover the fascinating stories and works of art that have shaped our understanding of the human form and the world around us. Sign up now and start your journey into the world of Western art and sculpture!

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Meet Your Instructor

Jason Arkles is an American sculptor working in the traditional methods and materials that one would normally associate with a sculptor from Florence. His large-scale figurative work in bronze, marble, terracotta, and wood can be found in public, private spaces, museums, cemeteries, and churches in Europe and America. That includes the façade of Saint Mark’s English Church in Florence. He was trained in the studio of Charles H. Cecil (the human figure in clay), in Studio Sem in Pietrasanta (marble), and in a Pontifical Academy in Rome (sacred art). Jason himself now runs a teaching studio in Florence, Studio Della Statua, in tandem with his professional career.

Regarding himself as a practitioner of sculpture rather than an academic, Jason nevertheless has presumed to self-publish two small books on sculpture; Sculpting From Life, a manual for sculpting in clay using a living model, and the other, On Sculpture by Leon Battista Alberti, a translation and commentary on Leon Battista Alberti’s Della Statua. He is currently working on his third, which will detail the history of visually-oriented sculpture technique as practiced in the ateliers of 19th Century France.