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Art Through the Ages: An Exploration of Art History with Laura Sonnek
📆 Mondays @ 1 pm PT | Starting April 15th

  • Embark on an enlightening journey through art with "Art Through the Ages: An Exploration of Art History," an 8-week Live Class by Laura Sonnek. This comprehensive class offers a deep dive into the major periods and movements that have defined Western art, from the classical elegance of Antiquity to the innovative expressions of Contemporary art.

    Each week, you'll travel to a distinct era in art history, uncovering the evolution of artistic styles, techniques, and themes. Starting with the foundational art of Classical Antiquity, you'll progress through the medieval intricacies of Byzantine, Romanesque, and Gothic styles into the humanistic splendor of the Renaissance. The course will guide you through the dramatic narratives of Baroque and Rococo, the intellectual rigor of Neoclassicism, Romanticism, and Realism, and the revolutionary approaches of Impressionism and Post-Impressionism. The journey culminates in exploring the diverse and dynamic realms of Modern and Contemporary Art.

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Meet Your Instructor

Laura Sonnek is a Minnesota-based artist who returned after enriching personal and professional development in California. At 16, she commenced her college journey, focusing on her burgeoning passion for drawing and painting. Her quest for advanced education led her to the West Coast in 2019, culminating in an MFA in Painting from Laguna College of Art and Design in 2021. Sonnek's artistry is deeply rooted in fine art, with a particular penchant for creating vibrant, chromatic oil portraits that reflect her extroverted nature, drawing heavily on complementary color dynamics and pop culture influences. Beyond her artistic pursuits, Sonnek is deeply committed to education, thriving on guiding young artists to articulate their individual voices through classical training. Her journey from Minnesota to California and back has shaped her as an artist and a dedicated mentor in the art community.