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  • Description
    In this 8-week Live Class, Stress-Free Sketching, Sheldon Borenstein will teach you stress-free ways to sketch and draw. With his 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry and teaching, Sheldon will help you start your artistic career on the right foot. Throughout this course, you will learn the essential elements of scribble, shape, form, and the laws of light. Sheldon will walk you through everything from the initial setup to the proper way of sharpening your pencils. He will also share with you his favorite tools to use while sketching.

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  • Meet Your Instructor
    Sheldon Borenstein has over 33 years of experience in classic animation, storyboard illustration, and figure drawing. This unique set of skills has enabled him to work in several areas providing his expertise and knowledge where needed. Sheldon has worked on many television shows including, Fat Albert, Tom and Jerry, and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. He has also worked on films like Space Jam, Quest for Camelot, FernGully: The Last Rainforest, and The Swan Princess. Sheldon teaches classical figure drawing, anatomy, foundational drawing, and painting out of his studio Sheldon’s Art Academy. He also has years of experience teaching at numerous universities in California.
  • Format
    This Live Class is presented as a pre-recorded lecture with live critiques. While it is encouraged that you attend class live on the dates and times specified below, it is not required, and you can still watch a DVR of the class between weekly classes, and turn in your assignments for critique.

    As a Live Class participant, you will attend class digitally, via a live stream which will appear on the website. Each week, you will be asked to watch certain sections pre-recorded course instruction, then complete the assigned homework. You will then submit that homework for an opportunity to have it critiqued live by the instructor. During class, you can talk with other students, ask the instructor questions, share your work, and receive feedback on your assignments.

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  • Day and Time
    Classes are live once per week, Fridays 1:00 pm-3:00 pm PT Starting January 21st 2022
  • How to Attend
    You will be provided with a link to the live class stream page shortly before class starts. Make sure you enroll for updates.