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This class provides critiques and instructor feedback for Constructive Head Drawing with Steve Huston.

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Office Hours
This Live Class offers Office Hours at an additional cost. Office Hours allows you to join an hour-long group video call with Chris every Saturday. During Office Hours, you can get personalized help on class assignments, ask questions, and share your work directly with Chris. To get your Office Hours Pass, use the link below. You will receive a link to the video call before class starts. Office hours run during class hours.

Your Office Hours Pass is good for the entire length of the Live Class, and you can join as many Office Hours as you like.

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  • Class Description
    During this 6-week Live Class, originally taught by renowned artist Steve Huston, you will learn a direct and powerful approach to drawing the human head. You will learn the basic and intermediate constructions of the head, then how to draw facial features by studying the informative lectures on anatomy, structure, and placement. You will also learn how to analyze portrait artworks from the Old Masters to understand the application of simple forms and shapes. After this Live Class, you will gain a deeper understanding of the anatomy of the head and the nuances of every facial feature; this is crucial information for creating portrait drawings. This Live Class is presented by world-class draftsman, Chris Legaspi.

  • Materials

    Materials list coming soon.

  • Format
    This Live Class is presented as a pre-recorded lecture with live critiques. While it is encouraged that you attend class live on the dates and times specified below, it is not required, and you can still watch a DVR of the class between weekly classes, and turn in your assignments for critique.

    As a Live Class participant, you will attend class digitally, via a live stream which will appear on the website. Each week, you will be asked to watch certain sections pre-recorded course instruction, then complete the assigned homework. You will then submit that homework for an opportunity to have it critiqued live by the instructor. During class, you can talk with other students, ask the instructor questions, share your work, and receive feedback on your assignments.

    You must have an active subscription to attend this class. For more information, please contact us here.
  • Day and Time
    This Live Class will run for 7 weeks. The first hour of class is reserved for Office Hours.

    Class runs every Saturday from 7pm - 9pm PT starting April 16th, 2022.
  • How to Attend
    You will be provided with a link to the live class stream page shortly before class starts. Make sure you enroll for updates.

Meet Your Instructor

Chris Legaspi is a fine artist obsessed with drawing and painting. With over 30 years of drawing and painting experience, Chris’s passion for art continues to grow. Having studied with many great artists including, Steve Huston, Mark Westermoe, Nathan Fowkes, and Zhaoming Wu, Chris is on the path to becoming a world-class draftsman and painter. Along with his rich and extensive training in traditional drawing and painting, Chris also enjoys success as a concept designer for the videogame industry. His work can be seen in several hit video games, books, and magazines. Chris is also a regular contributor to illustration publications Imagine FX Magazine and 3D Total. Chris has a passion for sharing his knowledge of art, drawing, and picture-making. Having taught privately and at several top schools in Los Angeles, Chris is an admired and sought-after instructor.