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Beyond Likeness: Creative Approaches to Portrait Drawing with Iliya Mirochnik
📆 Thursdays @ 5pm PT | Starting January 18th

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    Join us for an 8-week Live Class journey in portrait drawing with instructor, Iliya Mirochnik. This class skillfully blends academic insights with creative exploration, covering a range of techniques from the constructive approach to quick sketching, and from detailed inside-out methods to expressive full tonal/painterly styles. It emphasizes skill development in observational drawing, understanding facial anatomy, and the power of drawing from memory and imagination. Each week, you'll be guided to sharpen your artistic proficiency, leading to the ability to create engaging portraits from imagination. Enroll now and take a step toward mastering the art of portrait drawing.

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Iliya Mirochnik, originally from Odesa, Ukraine, earned his MFA from Russia's esteemed Repin Academic Institute in 2013. His art masterfully blends Russian aesthetics with American nuances. Among numerous accolades, he secured the “First Place” in the American Portrait Society’s competition. With exhibitions spanning from New York to Austria and a significant design for Miami's Icon Bay Residences, Mirochnik has been a dedicated professor at the Ringling College of Art and Design since 2018.