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Examining the Skeleton with Rey Bustos
📆 Thursdays @ 1pm-3pm PT | Starting April 20th

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Discover the secrets of drawing the human skeleton in this exclusive 8-week Live Class with renowned artist Rey Bustos. Get ready to delve into an in-depth analysis of the bones in the body, learning about their movement, placement, and how to construct them with precision. Each week, Rey will focus on a specific section of the skeleton, guiding you through the process of creating accurate proportions and scale of the human figure. By the end of the class, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of the skeleton as a whole and the skills to bring your drawings to life. Join now and unlock your full artistic potential!

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Meet Your Instructor

Rey Bustos graduated as an illustrator with high honors from the Art Center College of Design in 1989. He has been teaching since 1990 and is now considered one of the preeminent artistic anatomy teachers in the country. Rey is a former teacher at Art Center College of Design, California State University, Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art, and is also in the teaching staff at Disney Feature Animation. Rey specializes in teaching figure drawing, composition, and anatomy. A class that he created, “Imaginatomy: An Anatomical Approach to Animal and Character Development,” is now required at the Art Center College of Design.