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Exploring Light in Portrait Drawing with Michael Siegel
📆 Tuesdays @ 12:15pm PT | Starting April 25th

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Sign up for a 7-week Live Class with NMA instructor Michael Siegel and dive into the world of portrait drawing and lighting concepts. Each week, you'll tackle a new lighting scenario and learn how it affects the structure and characteristics of your drawing. With Michael's expert guidance, you'll master each visual effect and develop a solid foundation to tackle any portrait in front of you. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to improve your portrait drawing skills! Register now.

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Meet Your Instructor

Michael Siegel is a fine artist and instructor currently living in San Antonio, TX. Specializing in drawing and oil painting, Michael has been represented by galleries in New York, Amsterdam, and Santa Barbara, and has won numerous awards. As an instructor, Michael has taught painting, drawing, and anatomy for over 15 years to professionals in fine art, animation, and illustration. His teaching credits include LAAFA, The Art Students League of New York, and the Barcelona Academy of Art.