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13 Weeks: Tuesdays 11:00am - 12:00pm PT starting August 23rd, 2022

👩‍🎨 Office Hours Available

This Live Class offers Office Hours at an additional cost. Office Hours allows you to join a group video call with the instructor every Tuesday from 10:00am - 10:45am, starting the second week of class.

During Office Hours, you can get personalized help on class assignments, ask questions, and share your work directly with the instructor. To get your Office Hours Pass, use the link below. You will receive a link to the video call before class starts.

Your Office Hours Pass is good for the entire length of the Live Class, and you can join as many Office Hours as you like.

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  • Important Live Class information and links
    In this 13-week Live Class, Introduction to Inking, instructor Miles Yoshida will provide you with a complete manual for inking.

    You will start the course by examining old Renaissance drawings. You will study the essential materials needed for inking, including a ballpoint pen, a technical pen, a dip pen, and a brush. Then, Miles will demonstrate hatching and creating gradients using straight and curvilinear lines. From there, he will show you how to apply those skills to a compositional study of basic forms. You will also get a chance to create a master copy which will further strengthen your hatching ability.

    Toward the second half of the course, Miles will teach you how to draw a still-life, hands, animals, and landscapes in different approaches. Lastly, you will learn to create a self-portrait drawing from life on toned paper using a combination of black and white inks.

    This course will offer you many opportunities to practice your hatching skills so that you can capture any subject and master the art of inking.

    👉 Click here to access the pre-recorded Course

  • Format
    This Live Class offers instructor feedback and critiques for the pre-recorded course "Introduction to Inking". Each week, you will be asked to watch the video instruction from the pre-recorded course, complete the week's assignments, and turn them in 24-hours before class. Then, during Live Class, Miles will answer your questions and critique as many assignments as time allows.

Meet Your Instructor

Miles Yoshida is an outstanding draftsman and sculptor from Long Beach, CA. He is currently living and practicing art in New York. Yoshida’s art puts great emphasis on Light, Form, and Volume. He is most well-known for his detailed and elegant ink drawings of hands and portraits. A few of his main inspirations from the past are Katsushika Hokusai, Tsuguharu Foujita, Da Vinci, Rubens, Michelangelo and Albrecht Durer. In 2016, Yoshida exhibited at The Lodge Gallery in New York City among some major names in the art like Steven Assael and Nicolás Sánchez.