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Oil Painting Master Copies Part 1 with Catherine Bobkoski
📆 Wednesdays @ 5pm PT | Starting August 2nd

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Join us for Part 1 of Oil Painting Master Copies! In this 7-week artistic journey, you'll be guided by NMA instructor Catherine Bobkoski in our Live Class. Building on the success of her Live Class Charcoal Master Copies, this course is specifically designed to deepen your understanding and skills in the medium of oil painting.

During this first part, you'll focus on painting master copies of Still-Lifes and Landscapes. Through Catherine's expert guidance, you'll learn how to create strikingly realistic artworks, enhancing your observational skills and mastering the use of color values. Techniques of edge manipulation will be taught to help you effectively create an illusion of volume and space in your paintings. Each lesson will build upon the previous ones in a systematic and step-by-step approach, allowing for a progressive development of your painting skills.

No matter your skill level, whether you're just beginning your artistic journey or seeking to refine your oil painting technique as an established artist, this class provides the perfect platform for growth. Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your artistry with Part 1, and stay tuned for our 6-week Part 2, which will focus on Master Copies of Portraits and Figures.

Enroll now and take a leap into the captivating world of oil painting!

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Meet Your Instructor

Catherine Bobkoski is a Los Angeles-based painter who works in a still life and figurative manner. She has studied both drawing and painting at The Watts Atelier in Encinitas. California and later at Grand Central Academy and New York University in New York City. She has also studied with many inspiring artists along the way, including Daniel Keys, Dustin Van Wechel, and Vadim Zang. She is a sought after painting instructor with over ten years of experience and teaches at many art schools throughout Southern California. Catherine has had work exhibited nationally, including at the Oil Painters of America 2021 National Juried Exhibition.