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  • Class Name: Vehicle Concept Design with Michal Kus
  • Description: Learn to draw and design vehicles from professional concept artist Michal Kus. Michal is a concept artist, educator & Co-founder of Focal Point School. He has worked on all kinds of projects for the video game and film industry. Clients include Disney, EA Games, Marvel, Jellyfish Pictures, Red Bull, and many more.

    In this Live Class, you will develop a strong foundation for the drawing fundamentals which every successful concept artist needs to succeed in their field. The class will focus on the awareness and thorough study of how real-world vehicles are designed and how these types of designs are visually perceived through function and the aesthetical aspect. Students will gain a solid foundation in order to pursue vehicle concept design seriously.
  • Day and Time: Monday, October 25th - Friday, October 29th 9:30 am - 1:00 pm (appox.)
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Materials: Click here to download materials PDF
  • Reference material will be provided
  • How to Attend: The live stream and assignments will be posted on the Class Page (link below)
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